Vinni parish water and sewage pipelines and borewells reconstruction

Client: Vinni Vallavalitsus

Construction period: March 2012- March 2013

Construction cost: 1 092 371,83 EUR Excl. Vat

According to the agreement, following works will be executed:

      – Reconstructions for about 2,07 km water pipelines and about 60 house connections;

      – Reconstructions for about 1,12 km sewage pipelines and about 26 house connections;

      – Reconstructions for about 0,085 km pressure sewage pipelines;

      – Reconstructions of 2 borewell pumping stations, where a water treatment equipment is installed and also one new replacement borewell is going to be build with water treatment equipment;

      – 2 old pumping stations are going to be taken down (in Roela borough)

      – Reconstructions of 3 wastewater pumping stations;

      – A computer for remote monitoring with a necessary software and additional equipment will be procured. Also, the existing and still to be constructed water and sewage systems will be connected to it. 

Other important notes: Joint providers with Viimsi Keevitus AS and Lemminkäinen Eesti AS