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General contracting

We offer the planning and management of the construction process using the general construction contracting method, which combines the following activities: preparation, design, construction, interior work and after-sales service during the warranty period.

Our projects:

  • Tallinn Old City Harbour new pedestrian bridge
  • Muuga’s harbor industrial park railway 

Project management

This service is especially useful for the Client if it is desired that the building be completed exactly as previously agreed and with the least time. The construction project manager is the Client’s partner in all matters and performs in the Client’s interests

  • We will find a suitable property. We develop the concept, analyze both technical and economic feasibility
  • We represent the Client during the design, construction and warranty period
  • Construction process consulting and consultation
  • During construction, problems often arise for which the Client is unable to find solutions himself. Construction consulting includes offering optimal solutions, evaluating the work done and answering construction-related questions

PPP projects (Public Private Partnerships)

Public-private partnership (AE) is a public-private partnership (PPP) project, in which the private sector represents the public sector in the performance of public sector tasks, providing a public service or carrying out a project.

The aim of a public-private partnership is to ensure faster and more efficient fulfillment of state and / or local government obligations.