Movable pedestrian’s bridge at the Old Port of Tallinn sis officially opened.

KMG Inseneriehituse AS board member, Mr Indrek Pappel, stated that building such a unique bridge presented a serious challenge and required very high level project management both in communications with partners from abroad as well as in solving cross border logistical issues, in order to complete the bridge in its current configuration. The technical solution employed allows the closing and opening of the bridge within a few minutes and by doing so provides the fastest route between A and D terminals of the Old Port of Tallinn.

The design and construction works took a total of 16 months. KMG Inseneriehituse AS wishes to thank all its cooperation partners for their efforts to make this unique structure a reality.

Biggest stormwater pumping station in Estonia was designed and built by KMG Inseneriehituse Ltd.

The pumping station is one of the most technologically sophisticated facilities that has been built in Estonia recent years. The pumping station was built on the sea border and has a depth of up to 12.9m below the ground (-10.5m below sea level). The bottom area of the pumping station is 750m2 and the volume is over 6300m3. It took more than 2,700m³ of concrete and more than 440 tonnes of reinforcing steel to build the pumping station.

6th of Aprill a new contract between KMG Inseneriehituse AS and AS Tallinna Sadam was signed for designing and building a new movable pedestrian bridge to Tallinn Old Harbour. New bridge will connect A- and D terminal for easier connection between them. Because the bridge connects to quay´s and the boat-traffic remains there, then the bridge will be built as first movable bridge in Estonia.

Contract includes all the design and construction works with 5 year warranty and maintenance period.
Project period is 16 months and the total cost is 4,22 mln EUR (VAT excluded).

KMG Inseneriehituse Ltd and LNK Indrusties finished Tallinn Airport’s  new parking house construction works and the opening ceremony was held on 20.12.2018. New building is the biggest parking house in Estonia, which has places for 2424 vehicles.

There are various technologies in the parking lot that make parking easier (vacant places guiding system, automatic number entry and exit systems, etc.).

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