Virtsu Port, reconstructions of quay number 4

Client: AS Saarte Liinid

Construction period: April 2012- October 2012

Construction cost: 1 343 777, 17 EUR excl. VAT

According to the agreement, following works will be executed:     

– The length of quay number 4 is 145 m, interconnection length is going to be 130 m and guaranteed deepness of the water is 5,2 m      

– The size of metal shore ramp is 9,0 x 15,6 m. Seabed dredging volume is 2650 m     

– Existing quay walk on wooden fascine mattress is protected with reinforced concrete plates     

– The volume of erosion protection plate is 1670/ 680 m/ m     

– Underneath the ramp a granite embankment protection will be constructed with a volume of 1220 m     

– The lightning of the quay is renewed; head distribution center and ships’ switchboard are going to be installed     

– The ships’ wastewater receiving unit is built     

– Existing quay equipment is going to be changed for fitting plate fenders for ferries MM90 FC     

– Additional bollards are installed

Other important notes: Joint providers with Viimsi Keevitus AS