Business Philosophy

KMG Inseneriehituse AS was
founded in June 2007.

KMG Inseneriehituse AS is

active in civil engineering,

including constructing

energetic facilities (power plants), ports, water-treatment plants,  landfills,  highways,

overpasses, railways etc


By establishing new

infrastructure, we  create  new

values as well   as  a secure

and a  sustainable environment.


Be innovative solutions provider and exerciser in Estonia, the

Baltic states and the Nordic countries.

Partnership: We have created

a partnership network across


Performance: Our work is


Responsibility: We follow

the requirements and principles of sustainable development.

Caring: Motivated people

achieve success.

KMG Inseneriehituse AS is certified by the following standards:
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015
OHSAS 18001:2007

KMG Inseneriehituse environmental policy aims at ensuring environmental sustainability through:

  • the legislation applicable to us and our other recognized by the following claims, which relate to the environmental aspects of the company;
  • using proper and environmentally friendly materials, technologies and techniques;
  • preventing pollution and any other  environmental impact consequence of our action;
  • waste reduction and reuse if possible;
  • sustainable use of all the resources;
  • environmentally friendly way promotion among interested parties.

KMG Inseneriehituse Ltd has granted the certificate of Äripäev TOP Company 2019.

Latest news 06.01.2020 - Estonian Concrete Building of the Year 2019 nominee: Reidi road stormwater pumping station

Biggest stormwater pumping station in Estonia was designed and built by KMG Inseneriehituse Ltd.