Our team members have been working together in construction since 1999. The team has managed, among others, the following construction projects in Estonia:

  • Construction of Tallinn Old Port quay no. 16 shore ramp and reconstruction of berthing equipment and power supply of quays 14,15 and 16; 2015
  • Design and renovation of the infrastructure of Tallinn tram line no. 4; 2014-2015
  • Residual pollution loquidation in former military and indrustial areas. Design and construction works at Holstre-Nõmme ABT and Umbsaare ABT 2013-2015
  • Construction of Suurupi Wastewater Plant; 2013
  • Liquidation od residual contamination on former indrustial and military areas - ER Kopli Freight Depot; 2012-2014
  • Muuga harbor indrustial park railway; 2012
  • Civil Works of the converter station for Estlink 2 project; 2012
  • Design-construction works of Oisu Biogas plant; 2012
  • Construction of Vinni CHP plant; 2012
  • The extension of the eastern part of Muuga Port, First stage, 2010;
  • Keila-Paldiski and Tallinn- Riisipere passenger platforms, 2010;
  • Väo CHP, 2009
  • Rapla and Kehtna water and sewage facilities design-build, 2007;
  • Estonian Cell BCMPT Pulp Mill, C-2300 Water and effluent water treatment plant, 2006;
  • Paikuse Landfill and Waste Treatment Station, 2006;
  • Viljandi Wastewater Treatment Plant, 2005;
  • Viljandi Water Treatment Plant Civil Works, 2004;
  • Muuga Port piers nr 14 and 15, 2004;
  • Reconstruction of hydro power plant at Linnamäe, 2002;  
  • Rakvere Water Treatment Plant, 2002;
  • Paide Water Treatment Plant, 2001.




 Indrek Pappel

 Member of the Board


 Tel: +372 5 018 978

 E-mail: indrek.pappel[at]

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 Marek Jassik
 Member of the Board



 Tel: +372 5 100 093

 E-mail: marek.jassik[at]

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 Urmas Prants

 Cost estimator



 Tel: +372 50 32 948

 E-post: urmas.prants[at]

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Latest news 03.07.2020 - KMG Insenerehituse AS builds the new pedestrian bridge at Tallinn Old Harbour 6th of Aprill a new contract between KMG Inseneriehituse AS and AS Tallinna Sadam was signed for designing and building a new movable pedestrian bridge to Tallinn Old Harbour.