The project named "Design- construction of Aardlapalu landfill contamination elimination" was signed on 30.04.2012
KMG Inseneriehituse AS 07.05.2012
Tartu Linnavalitsus and KMG Inseneriehitus AS in consortium with Epler & Lorenz AS have signed a contract on the design and construction works, procurement number 130853.
The cost of contract is 1 078 737,56 EUR including VAT.
Work deadline is 26.02.2013.
According to the contract the design- construction works include elimination of the contamination detected on the east side of the landfill during the current closing works. The predicted amount of digging works is around 8200 m³ according to the Employer's contamination studies. The works will take place on the area which is 3000 m³. The amount of oil products, including polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) and ground which is polluted with phenols is expected to be 8000 m³, which has to be handled according to the waste regulations.