The contract was signed on a project named: "Muuga's harbor industrial park railway construction"
KMG Inseneriehituse AS 07.05.2012
AS Tallinna Sadam and KMG Inseneriehituse AS have signed a contract on 27.04.2012, procurement number 130365 construction works. 
The cost of contract is 2 367 628, 86 EUR excl. VAT. The period of construction is 255 days. During the construction Muuga's harbor industrial park 1 main road/ connection route and 3 station sidings are built, and also the following is done: The connection route nr 8 and track nr 10 are being reconstructed and the connection route number 701 is constructed. Station sidings nr 702, 705, 710 with switches nr 4, 705, 706, 711 with the total length of 1, 56 km and switches nr 705 and 706 are going to have electrical centralization. The construction includes a large amounts of soil removal by digging works for around 79 000 m³ (including removing of blue clay for around 44 000 m³ ); this consists around 63 000 m³ for the railway construction and for around 16 000 m³ for making drains, trenches and collector.

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