The construction of Reidi road is finished
. 20.12.2019

Over a period of 17 months the design and construction of a completely new road section incl. all infrastructure was carried out.

KMG Inseneriehituse AS was in charge of the design and construction which included:

1) A new 2+2 roadway was constructed with a length of 1930 m, to ease the congestion in the city centre of Tallinn
2)  New light traffic, bicycle and pedestrians, roadways were constructed and reconstructed with a total length of over 10km.
3) New shore protection with a promenade (700m) was constructed resulting in over 7500m² of new land being reclaimed from the bay.
4) New stormwater collector to service the new Reidi road as well as the accompanying areas was constructed with a diameter of 1600mm and a total length of over 1000m. The whole system was constructed by horizontal drilling employing no-dig technologies.
5) New stormwater pumping station, the largest in Estonia, was built at the shore line. The pumping station depth is over 10m and it has a productivity up to 14 400 m3/h.
6)  150 000 pieces of traas, bushes and other landscaping items were planted.

KMG Inseneriehituse Ltd would like to thank all the parties who were invlolved with this project and contributed to the timely completion of the project.

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