Three of KMG Inseneriehituse AS team members took part in Tartu 50th snow marathon
KMG Inseneriehitus 21.02.2010

Three of our team members, Kristjan Jassik, Jan Minski, and Marko Pikk, took part in Tartu 50th snow marathon. Everyone finished in good time, best result belongs to Marko Pikk - 5h13 m.

Participants considered marathon to be quite a challenge, and therefore the joy of making it, was even greater.

In addition, the was an internal competition with representatives of our Finnish partner Niska & Nyyssönen OY, and this time our boys were more successful.

We recognize all participants of marathon, and we are sure that good physical shape also guarantees the best performance in business.
Marathon took place on 21st February 2010, and brought together athletes from all around the world, who, despite the difficult weather conditions , competed in 60km cross country skiing.