KMG Inseneriehituse Ltd celebrated its 10 year anniversary
. 10.07.2017
Over the past ten years almost 40 projects with a total cost of over € 150 million Euros have been successfully completed.

The projects cover different areas ranging from harbours and piers to tramlines and sports buildings.

Our major projects among these are:

1) Expansion of Muuga container terminal (2008-2010)

2) Reconstruction of tramway line nr. 4 infrastructure (2014-2015)

3) Väo CHP civil works (2007-2008)

4) Oisu and Vinni biogas plants (2012-2013)

5) Reconstruction of Kalev Sports Hall (2016-2017)


KMG Inseneriehituse Ltd  would like to thank all its clients and partners for successful and constructive cooperation over this period and extends its best wishes for another 10 years.