KMG Inseneriehituse AS, Viimsi Keevitus AS and Lemminkäinen Eesti AS as joint ventures have signed a contract on 15.02.2012 with Vinni Vallavalitsus
KMG Inseneriehituse AS 21.02.2012
The project is named: "Vinni parish water management projects water and sewage pipelines and borewells reconstruction design-build. Part I: Vetiku, Viru-Jaagupi and Roela" including the design and construction of works.

The subject of the contract includes the next areas in Vinni's parish: Vetiku, Viru-Jaagupi and Roela. The contract projects water pipelines, sewage pipelines and borewell reconstruction design-build. The following works will be executed:


      - reconstructions for about 2,07 km water pipelines and about 60 house connections;

      - reconstructions for about 1,12 km sewage pipelines and about 26 house connections;

      - reconstructions for about 0,085 km pressure sewage pipelines;

      - reconstructions of 2 borewell pumping stations, where a water treatment equipment is installed and also one new replacement borewell is going to be built with water treatment equipment;

      - 2 old pumping stations are going to be taken down (in Roela borough);

      - reconstructions of 3 wastewater pumping stations;

      - a computer for remote monitoring with a necessary software and additional equipment will be procured. Also, the existing and still to be constructed water and sewage systems will be connected to it.


The general conditions of the contract are based

on FIDIC Yellow Book (Conditions of Contract for Plant & Design-Build (First Ed, 1999) For Electrical & Mech. Plant & For Building & Engineering Works Designed by the Contractor)


The cost of the contract is: 1 092 371,83 EUR excl. VAT

Construction period: 350 days.