Joint providers KMG Inseneriehituse AS and Viimsi Keevitus AS have signed a contract with Rakke Valla Kommunaalasutus
KMG Inseneriehituse AS 03.02.2012

The project is signed on the design and construction and is named: “Rakke valla ühisveevärgi-ja kanalisatsioonisüsteemide rekonstrueerimine” (The public water supply and sewage system reconstructions in the perish of Rakke).

During the project the aim is to reconstruct the amortized piping, driven wells, pumping stations and water treatment plants in the perish of Rakke. Also to expand water and sewage disposal systems.

The project is financed by Rakke Valla Kommunaalasutus, which uses its own capital, a long-term loan given by Sihtasutus Keskkonnainvesteering Keskus (KIK) and co-financer Euroopa Liidu Ühtekuuluvusfond (ELÜF) through SA Keskkonnainvesteeringute Keskus (SA KIK), project SFOS nr 2.1.0101.09-0041.

The contract is based on FIDIC Yellow Book (Conditions of Contract for Plant & Design-Build (First Ed, 1999) For Electrical & Mech. Plant & For Building & Engineering Works Designed by the Contractor).


The approximate volumes of the works are next:
- Reconstructions for 2,9 km and constructions for 0,3km of water pipes;

- Reconstructions for 0,5 km and constructions for 1,8 km of gravity sewage pipelines;

- Reconstructions for 1,7 km and constructions for 0,5 km of pressure sewage pipelines;

- Reconstructions for 2 drinking water borewell pumping stations;

- Reconstructions for 2 and construction for 3 sewage water pumping stations;

- Reconstructions for 1 sewage water treatment;

- Construction of water and sewage connection points and switching over


The contract value is 1 729 016 EUR ex. VAT

The duration of the contract is 520 days.