Business newspaper Äripäev: "The new tramway of Tallinn is ready"
. 13.10.2015

During the summer a new tram line was built at Ülemiste and was finished in autumn. Today the consortium of Merko Ehitus AS, KMG Inseneriehituse AS and  Ratatek OY has finished all the works – the tramway has been reconstructed form Tondi to Ülemiste and the contact line has been replaced from Tondi to Kadriorg.  

"Our focus is already on a new procurement, which will enable for people to take the tram from the airport to the city centre" said KMG Inseneriehituse AS board member and one of the owners Indrek Pappel. According to Merko Ehitus Eesti AS project director, Tiit Joosti, everything went according to plan and the deadlines were met.

“The construction of Peterburi tee 2 turnaround loop wasn´t very sophisticated, but the creation of the recess was laborious and time consuming,“ said Joosti.

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